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Sasquatch Days

Sasquatch DaysSasquatch Days

Sasquatch Days return to Harrison Hot Springs on June 8 and 9. This historic event brings local First Nations Sts’ailes Band back to the village for two days of fun and excitement.

This intercultural celebration will include canoe races, traditional salmon barbecues, medicine walks, cultural boat tours, arts and craft activities, games and local entertainment. Sts’ailes experts and local Sasquatch investigators will also be present to share their knowledge and perspective on the mythical Sasquatch.

The two-day event begins at 9: 30 a.m. on June 9 with a short procession to Harrison Lake Plaza, where a welcoming ceremony will be held. Each day will feature cultural boat tours, artisan activity tables, medicine walks and opportunities for intercultural sharing. Saturday morning the main event starts as war canoes gather for a friendly competition that will continue with final races on Sunday.

The joint hosts for this event, Sts’ailes First Nations and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, invite visitors to this unique event that brings two communities together in an opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Sts’ailes people and share cultural experiences.

Mokele-mbembe Expedition Finds New Clues

In November 2012, John Kirk, Bill Gibbons, Andrew Gibbons, Michel Ballot and Serge Grispoux embarked on an expedition in southern Cameroon to find the elusive Mokele-mbembe.
An account of their expedition and remarkable findings will be available here soon.
Keep visiting this page to see updates. For expedition photos, visit Michel Ballot’s French website at:


News article on Vancouver Island Sasquatch

The Nanaimo Daily news and its subsidiary The Harbour City Star have published an article on the presence of Sasquatch on Vancouver Island and the interior of British Columbia. You can read about it here:


B.C. investigators John Bindernagel and John Kirk are both mentioned in the story

BC Legends Day at Kilby Historic Site – Sept 22, 2012

Members of the BCSCC have been invited to present at the Kilby Historic Site for their second annual BC Legends Day Celebration on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 from 11am to 4pm.

John Green is scheduled to make an appearance to share his stories and research from his many years of investigating Sasquatch in the surrounding area. Any serious Sasquatch researcher will agree that this is an excellent opportunity to learn from the legend himself.

Sasquatch Researcher and author Thomas Steenburg will also be available for questions. Copies of his excellent new volume “Sasquatch in BC” produced with Christopher Murphy will be available for purchase and signing.

Adam McGirr will be presenting on the subjects of Ogopogo, Cadborosaurus and other unknown aquatic animals. Adam’s slide show will include photos, drawings and the latest theories on advancing lake monster research.

Kilby is located just off the Lougheed Highway, where the Harrison and Fraser Rivers meet. In the early 1900s, this site was part of a busy community known as Harrison Mills. The 1906 General Store Museum provides a look at what life was like over a hundred years ago.

The nearby Kilby Provincial Park offers excellent fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. To find the Kilby Historic Site:

  1. Take Lougheed Highway through Misson towards Harrison Hot Springs
  2. Continue past the Sasquatch Inn and over the Harrison River Bridge
  3. Turn right on School Road just after the Harrison River Bridge
  4. Turn right on Kilby Road; parking lot is on the right hand side, just minutes down the road

For more information, see http://www.kilby.ca

BCSCC Featured in Outdoor Canada Magazine

The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club is featured in the Summer Special Collector’s Edition of Outdoor Canada Magazine. Outdoor Canada focusses primarily on hunting and fishing, but also advocates conservation and appreciation of wilderness and wildlife.

Editor Patrick Walsh visited the region of Harrison Hot Springs to fish for White Sturgeon, and in the process learned about Sasquatch, Cadborosaurus, and the now-notorious “Cryptid Corridor” on Vancouver Island. After some discussion with accomplished Canadian author Charles Wilkins, they agreed that Charles should visit BC to tell the story of our cryptids and those who have had encounters with them.

Wilkins is the recent recipient of a National Magazine Award for his work on the article “Another Fine Day Afield” which tells the story of a Newfoundland black bear hunt gone terribly wrong. His new article, ”On the Hunt for Creepy Cryptids” is the result of his trip to British Columbia.  Charles was prepared to visit actual sites where cryptid encounters have taken place, and was willing to invest the time required to research and produce an informed article. This new trend of treating cryptozoological subjects seriously in the media is most-welcome.

This Special Edition of Outdoor Canada can be found at newsstands and Chapters locations nation-wide until September 17, 2012. A digital-edition download is also available for purchase.

The BCSCC Presents: BC Creatures

The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club is pleased to present:

BC Creatures: Sasquatch and Ogopogo
Okanagan Regional Libraries July 5-7:

For More Information: http://www.orl.bc.ca/

Or contact: amcgirr@bcscc.ca

Visit the Sasquatch Exhibit in Historic Yale, BC

Saturday, May 12th marked the official opening of the Sasquatch Exhibit in Historic Yale, BC. An impressive visual history of the Sasquatch can be viewed at the Creighton House site. The event also celebrated the release of a comprehensive new book that Sasquatch Researcher and Author Chris Murphy developed with Thomas Steenburg called “Sasquatch in BC.”

Available from Hancock House Publishers, “Sasquatch in BC” is a detailed chronological history of Sasquatch activity in British Columbia, with an emphasis on the Fraser Valley area including Harrison Mills, Chilliwack, Hope and Yale.  Every major Sasquatch event is recorded in this impressive volume, from the late 1800’s all the way through to the recent Sasquatch Summit honoring John Green.

The Sasquatch Exhibit is on display until Sept. 30th, 2012.  Take Highway 1 through Hope and follow the signs towards Cache Creek. This scenic drive will take approximately 2.5 hours from the Vancouver area.

Rene Dahinden Commemorated

April 18th, 2012 is the 11th anniversary of the passing of sasquatch pioneer Rene Dahinden a lifetime member of the BCSCC and Recipient of the BCSCC Honour Roll Award.

Many of us on this forum lost a dear and trusted friend that day. Rene was strongly opinionated, but he never let his opinions get in the way of the facts.

He was passionate about sasquatch and was interested only in the truth concerning this hominid.

He was a generous giver of advice and time and sitting around with him while he smoked his pipe and drank a Keystone beer, one felt one was in the presence of an august sage.

He still had so much to offer when he succumbed to cancer and I just hope we all do him honour by being the best and most honest sasquatch investigators here in his home province.

Rene Dahinden 1930-2001. Gone but never Forgotten.

Sasquatch Days 2012

We are pleased to announce the following:

The Sasquatch Returns to Harrison Hot Springs-Sasquatch Days Are Back!

HARRISON HOT SPRINGS, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – April 17, 2012) – After nearly 70 years, Sasquatch Days are coming back to Harrison Hot Springs. June 9th and 10th this historic event will bring the local First Nations Band Sts’ailes back to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs for two days of games, fun and excitement. This intercultural celebration will include canoe races, traditional salmon barbeque, medicine walks, cultural boat tours, arts & craft activities, games, entertainment and most importantly talks on the Sasquatch from Sts’ailes experts and local Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch investigators.

Harrison Hot Springs Mayor, Leo Facio said, “The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is glad to see the Sasquatch Days on the shores of our beautiful community. We would like to welcome all visitors to Harrison Hot Springs to celebrate the cultural diversity of our region. Diversity is the commonality that unites as all, let’s celebrate it together.”

Harrison Hot Springs has always been a center of Sasquatch activity and little wonder as the very word Sasquatch derives from the Sts’ailes word “Sa:sq’ets” meaning ‘wild man’. The Sasquatch is sacred to the Sts’ailes and as the symbol of their people it is only fitting that this celebration stick with the name given to this very popular event that last took place in 1938.

This two-day event will begin at 9:30 am Saturday June 9th with a short procession to Harrison Lake Plaza where a welcoming ceremony will be held at 10:00. Each day will feature Cultural Boat tours, artisan activity tables, medicine walks and opportunities for intercultural sharing. Saturday morning the main event starts as war canoes gather for a friendly competition that will continue with final races on Sunday. Of course, no canoe race is complete without a traditional salmon barbeque that will take place Saturday afternoon.

The joint hosts for this event, Sts’ailes First Nations and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, invite visitors to this unique event that brings two communities together in an opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Sts’ailes people and share cultural experiences.

Sasquatch Exhibit in Yale, BC.

Chris Murphy has advised us that a Sasquatch Exhibit will run May 12th to September 30th, 2012 at the historic Creighton House Museum in Yale, BC.

The exhibit will open with the debut of Sasquatch in British Columbia: A Chronology of Incidents and Important Events, by Christopher L. Murphy in association with Thomas Steenburg (Hancock House Publishers, Surrey, BC). Both authors will be in attendance and will provide short talks along with David Hancock of Hancock House Publishers. A full complement of Hancock House titles on sasquatch/bigfo​ot will be available.

The event will get underway at 12:00 NOON MAY 12, 2012.
Glimpse the hidden world of the sasquatch, North America’s most enduring and amazing mystery. We look forward to seeing you! Creighton House Museum, 31187 Douglas Street, Yale, BC, Canada, V0K 2S0 Telephone: 604 863 2324
Email: info@historicya​le.ca Website: www.historicyal​e.ca
Items on display include:
Plaster casts of footprints and hand and knuckle prints.
Skull replicas and the noted Patterson-Gimlin film site model.
Astounding artwork by noted artists.
Highly detailed charts and scientific posters and much, much more
Stay tuned for updates on http://facebook.com/canyoncountry