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BCSCC Featured in Outdoor Canada Magazine

The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club is featured in the Summer Special Collector’s Edition of Outdoor Canada Magazine. Outdoor Canada focusses primarily on hunting and fishing, but also advocates conservation and appreciation of wilderness and wildlife.

Editor Patrick Walsh visited the region of Harrison Hot Springs to fish for White Sturgeon, and in the process learned about Sasquatch, Cadborosaurus, and the now-notorious “Cryptid Corridor” on Vancouver Island. After some discussion with accomplished Canadian author Charles Wilkins, they agreed that Charles should visit BC to tell the story of our cryptids and those who have had encounters with them.

Wilkins is the recent recipient of a National Magazine Award for his work on the article “Another Fine Day Afield” which tells the story of a Newfoundland black bear hunt gone terribly wrong. His new article, ”On the Hunt for Creepy Cryptids” is the result of his trip to British Columbia.  Charles was prepared to visit actual sites where cryptid encounters have taken place, and was willing to invest the time required to research and produce an informed article. This new trend of treating cryptozoological subjects seriously in the media is most-welcome.

This Special Edition of Outdoor Canada can be found at newsstands and Chapters locations nation-wide until September 17, 2012. A digital-edition download is also available for purchase.