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In the Domain of the Lake Monsters In The Domain of the Lake Monsters
The Search for the Denizens of the Deep
Since its release, In the Domain of the Lake Monsters, a compendium of lake monster sightings, research and investigation has been available from many of Canada’s leading bookstores.

It is selling very well and interested readers are advised to purchase a copy soon as available stocks are running down.

Find copies of In the Domain of Lake Monsters on Amazon.com

Survivor from the Deep

Cadborosaurus: Survivor From The Deep — the seminal work concerning the marine megaserpent of British Columbia and adjacent coastal waters authored by Dr Paul Leblond and Dr Ed Bousfield.

To order, please inquire at leblond@gulfislands.com

Find copies of Cadborosaurus: Survivor From The Deep on Amazon.com

Meet the Sasquatch

Meet The Sasquatch, now available from Hancock House publishers. Authored by Christopher Murphy, John Green and Thomas Steenburg. This phenomenal tome contains 604 photographs of various aspects of the realm of the sasquatch including numerous high definition frames from the Patterson Film.

Available in three different editions, Meet the Sasquatch is a must for any serious researcher seeking a sound basis on which to interpret the sasquatch phenomenon. Click on the image to find out more.

In Search of OgopogoIn Search of Ogopogo
Sacred Creature of the Okanagan

In Search of Ogopogo is a profusely-illustrated and fascinating account of the sightings and witnesses of the mystery denizen of Okanagan Lake.

Arlene Gaal has penned an excellent account of the search for Canada’s most famous aquatic cryptid, including a comprehensive sightings list that gives the reader a very clear picture of what the Ogopogo looks like.

This volume is on the BCSCC list of recommended reading. Available from http://www.hancockhouse.com/products/seaogo.htm

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