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13th Anniversary of the Passing of the late great Rene Dahinden.

Today is the 13th anniversary of the passing of our very good friend and colleague Rene Dahinden (with the legendary Roger Patterson above). A visit was paid to his old haunt the Vancouver Gun Club this morning and our club was  reminded of the great times w had with him out there. His passing at age 70 was premature, but he battled cancer for two years before he parted this life and did so in a way that was inspiring and heroic.

He was the most honest guy we ever knew and Rene was so generous as well. His straight-shooting style didn’t always endear him to people, but this is what we liked about him. No one has any business messing with facts and Rene made dead sure that you didn’t play around with them. Truth was his paramount goal.

He is sorely missed and how we wish the younger generation could have got to know him as they would have learned so much from this pioneer in the sasquatch field. He would have exposed a lot of the garbage we see on TV as just that: garbage. We will always remember him and maintain his legacy of integrity in the field of sasquatch investigation.

Steenburg and Miller to Speak in Victoria

Our colleagues in the world of sasquatch investigations are heading for the provincial capital. Thomas Steenburg and Bill Miller will be speaking at the Oaklands Community Centre in Victoria at 6.30 p.m. on April 23.

For more details please visit: http://www.vicnews.com/news/255417131.html

Also don’t forget that the Ohio Bigfoot conference starts on April 25th. For ticket info plebe go to: http://www.ohiobigfootconference.com/

Sasquatch Revealed Exhibit Open in Yakima, Washington

The sasquatch Revealed exhibit at the Yakima Valley Museum opened on Saturday with a large crowd in attendance. Exhibit creator Chris Murphy had to give his opening remarks twice as there so many people who wanted to view the exhibit. Bob Gimlin was present to talk to visitors about his experience of seeing a sasquatch during his collaboration in the filming of one along with Roger Patterson on October 20th, 1967.

BC sasquatch investigators Thomas Steenburg, Barry Blount and John Kirk also lent their knowledge to visitors who all seemed to have a myriad questions.

A video of the exhibit is available here to watch: http://www.kimatv.com/home/video/Sasquatch-spotted-in-Yakima-new-exhibit-opens-at-museum-253998851.html

If you want more news and info on cryptids then join the BCSCC, North America’s leading multidisciplined cryptozoological organization.

Australians Claim Yowie Captured on Video

According to the British newspaper the Daily Mail, two Australian yowie investigators claim to have obtained video evidence of the elusive hirsute, bipedal homind as it collected apples left out by the two men as a lure. The video is grainy at best.

Readers can view it here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2599430/Two-Australian-mates-claim-capture-Yowie-video-luring-fruit.html

Sasquatch Revealed

The Yakima Valley Museum will launch a new exhibit entitled Sasquatch Revealed on April 5th, 2014. The exhibit was originally on display at Vancouver Museum and has since been to numerous other venues in Canada and the U.S.
For more information please follow this link:


Present at the opening reception will be Bob Gimlin, Chris Murphy, Thomas Steenburg and John Kirk, president of the BCSCC.

T. W. Paterson On Cadborosaurus and Sasquatch

T. W. Paterson of the Cowichan Valley Citizen has penned several highly informative articles on Cadborosaurus and Sasquatch at the paper’s online web site.

While we don’t reach some of the conclusions that Pater son does, the articles are a good read. He does devote some space to the unlikely cryptid of Loch Ness and the dubious Monongahela sea serpent attack, but the B.C. related material is good stuff.

The articles are posted below.






Purported Sasquatch Sighting at Ahousaht B.C.

A fisheries officer has claimed a sighting of a sasquatch at Ahousaht near Tofino B.C. Luke Swan Jr.’s sighting was covered by CTV BC and may be seen here:  http://bc.ctvnews.ca/purported-sasquatch-tracks-found-on-vancouver-island-1.1714645

The footprints themselves do not look like typical sasquatch prints (see below) as the alignment appears to be quite slanted. However Mr. Swan appears to be a credible witness and he obviously saw something other than a bear sitting on a log on the shore. Mr. Swan saw the creature from a vessel.

Roger Patterson with bigfoot casts.

It is very likely that Mr. Swan saw a sasquatch which have previously been reported in the area before.

New Light Shone on Alaskan Caddy Footage

Head shot Alaskan Caddy showing spray coming off the back of the head.

Kelly Nash's footage of an Alaskan Cadborosaurus.

Two and a half years ago, the cryptozoological world faced one of the greatest disappointments ever when supposed footage of a pod of Cadborosauruses was not shown on Hillstranded: Alaska Monster Hunt.

Paul Leblond and John Kirk had seen the footage obtained by fisherman Kelly Nash and his sons Kyle and Jason in June, 2007 and were stunned to see that at least one of the creatures was a living, breathing version of the animal depicted in the photos of the Naden Harbour carcass of 1937.

When the Nash footage was shown on Alaskan Monster Hunt, glaringly omitted from this program was the sequence containing the Naden Harbour lookalike turning its head to look full on at the camera. Kirk and Leblond were baffled by so great an omission that they set about trying to find out what had happened. Enquiries were made to Kelly Nash and the production company to whom Nash had sold his footage, and while Nash did reply,  the production company did not.

Nash’s reply stated that he did not know why they did not use the footage, but there was something about that answer that was not proving unsatisfactory to John Kirk especially.

For two years John continued to look into why the footage was not featured, but was not getting anywhere until developments in December 2013 provided the answer to this perplexing question.

John was approached to appear on MSNBC’s news program Caught on Camera. His assignment was to discuss the question of Ogopogo and Cadborosaurus for the TV audience. When the producers asked John what Cadborosaurus footage he thought suitable for use, John advised them to try and procure the Kelly Nash footage.

MSNBC advised John they had already done so. John was surprised as the footage had been sold to a production firm who did not seem to want to do anything more with it. As John questioned a program researcher about how they managed to obtain the footage and if Kelly was alright with this, researcher advised John of the sad news of Kelly’s passing in October, 2013. Kelly was just 60 years-old and his death left his family utterly devastated. We at the BCSCC were greatly saddened to hear the news and felt a tremendous amount of sympathy for the Nash family on their loss.

In subsequent discussions with program producer  John raised the matter of finally airing the footage of the Naden Harbour lookalike, but was shocked to find out that the footage from the production company — though extensive—did not contain images of the creature that bore an incredible resemblance to the specimen obtained in the Queen Charlottes (now Haida Gwaii).

This was simply baffling to John and he went back to the original correspondence from Kelly Nash to see if he could find an answer to his question of what had happened to the definitive footage.

When John and Paul had originally viewed the footage at separate times on the same day, they had done so on a laptop computer and a DVD player attached to a TV. At no time did they see the footage played from the camera that had videotaped the encounter on Hi8 tape.

Kelly Nash had hired a video specialist to make compilation DVDs and CDs on which to show, magnified, clarified and slow motion sequences of the video. Kelly was adamant that the sequences he thought were best were the best evidence of the existence of some sort of unknown creature in the frigid waters of the North Pacific Ocean. While John and Paul were impressed by the footage in general it was the sequence with the living Naden Harbour creature that was the clincher.

In fact when Kelly sent John images from his footage to support his request that his footage be viewed, they weren’t very impressive, but nothing could have prepared John and Paul for what they saw.

If the production company  did not have the footage then where was it? In the original correspondence from Kelly in May, 2009 Kelly included a diagram of the area in which the creatures were seen including a sketch of the beasts themselves.

What John and Paul had not previously noted was that the diagram showed the camera location as well. As he scrutinized the diagram once more, John saw that there were in fact TWO cameras that had been used. One was run by Jasen Nash and the other by Kelly and Kyle Nash.

It dawned on John that what Kelly had possibly done was to sell the production company the footage from one camera while the footage from the other one was overlooked. It is most likely that the Naden Harbour creature sequence was not on the tape that went to the Hillstranded producers.

John continued to press the producer to talk to Kyle Nash as to where the footage might be. Kelly had mentioned that the camera which contained the Naden Harbour lookalike was broken so that the video—which could be played in the camera– could not be removed from the camera.

When Lizzie had interviewed Kyle Nash he showed them the first camera which proved to be in proper working order. So where was the second camera? It took a while for him to remember, but when Kyle did so he dropped a bombshell. He recalled that the second camera had fallen into the hands of a friend of his who may have taped over the vital sequence. Kyle thought that when this happened the friend had recorded over the original Alaskan sea creature footage.

To John this news felt like a Floyd Mayweather punch to the gut and he could barely believe what he was hearing. It seemed that all was lost.

In that moment of loss and despair, it occurred to John that there were still all the DVDs and CDs that he and Paul had viewed at a hotel in Burlington, Washington. The footage was definitely on those discs. Lizzie Blenk spoke to Kyle Nash and thankfully he seems to recall placing a number of his father’s DVDs in a box after Kelly had passed away, but was unsure which box these discs were in. As the Nash family is still grieving the loss of their father, we decided not to trouble the Nash family at this time to find the footage for us.

They will need considerable time to grieve and when they indicate that they are open to looking at the matter again, we will then be in touch with them to see if they can locate the seemingly once-thought lost footage.

The air date  for the program in which the already-seen Nash footage is going to be included is tentatively set for 25th May, 2014, but perhaps by then the Nashes will have found the footage and the world may yet be able to see for themselves what a real, living, breathing cryptid looks like.

Although there is the chance that the discs may never be found, we are hoping that they will. We do not want this to be like other incidents where cameras have fallen into the drink or lens caps left on by hapless camera operators meaning precious footage is lost forever.

New Cadborosaurus Book in the Works

February 26, 2014.

Three members of the BCSCC executive have collaborated to bring out a new book entitled Discovering Cadborosaurus.

Dr. Paul LeBlond, John Kirk and Jason Walton re-examine the Cadborosaurus phenomenon and bring new theories to bear in regard to the possible identity of the  mystery cryptid that inhabits British Columbia and adjacent coastal waters.

The book updates some material found in Dr. LeBlond’s 1995 book Cadborosaurus: Survivor from the Deep coauthored with Dr. E.L. Bousfield. In the new edition there is material on the freshwater cryptids of British Columbia and discussion on whether they are related to Caddy.

The book will be published by Hancock House so keep visiting the BCSCC web site for release details.

BC Legends Day at Kilby Historic Site: Sept 21, 2013

Members of the BCSCC have been invited to present at the Kilby Historic Site for their third annual BC Legends Day Celebration on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 from 11am to 4pm.

Adam McGirr will be presenting on the subjects of Ogopogo, Cadborosaurus and other unknown aquatic animals. Adam’s slide show will include photos, drawings and the latest theories on advancing lake monster research.

Sasquatch Researcher and author Thomas Steenburg will also be presenting on the areas most prominent cryptid.

Speaking Schedule:

12:00 pm – Adam McGirr: Aquatic Creatures

1:00 pm – John Mitchell: Gold Rush Stories

2:00 pm – Heather Anderson: Ghosts & Haunted Houses

3:00 pm – Thomas Steenberg: Sasquatch Investigations

For more information, visit: http://www.kilby.ca